Bargain bin – Rega RB202 tonearm

This guy costs US$395 / £198 – not a small sum, but in hi-fi terms, a bargain I’d suggest.

The current Rega tonearms are descendants of the original legendary RB250/300 tonearms introduced in 1983.  They still sound excellent.  And importantly I think, sound a lot like real music.

I owned (and enjoyed) a Linn Sondek with Ittok tonearm from the same period, for over 10 years, but I don’t remember the Ittok sounding this much fun! Continue reading


Linda Ronstadt – Canciones

To celebrate Linda Ronstadt’s birthday today, I had to spin a few old favourites.

These days, Linda cannot sing because of Parkinson’s Disease, however she has given us over 30 albums of music to enjoy.

Canciones de mi Padre – I love this album (from 1987), together with Mas Canciones  (1991). Both albums contain her renditions of traditional Mexican classics and ‘ranchera’ folk songs from her family heritage. Continue reading


DIY cable thinking

In 1983, Dr Malcolm Hawksford published a seminal and entertaining analysis of AC signal transmission within wire conductors, in The Essex Echo series in HiFi News & Record Review magazine.

(This article, updated, was re-published in Stereophile Oct 1995.)

Dr Hawksford offers plausible explanations of what I was hearing in my humble experiments a few years later, listening to different configurations of single strand copper wire as interconnect and loudspeaker cabling. Continue reading