My music system

My Music System 060114

A quick run-down of my music system (as of this date!)…

An old-fashioned 2-channel stereo system. But mostly DIY and there’s a lot of valves (vacuum tubes) involved. Music source is almost exclusively vinyl records these days. HDD-based digital music playing hasn’t made its way around here yet.

In the days/months to come, I will post more detailed description, build notes, history and pics of the above components. Hopefully some of it will be of interest. As you can see, it’s become largely DIY over the years. An ongoing learning process.

Any comments welcome!

( Sept 2018 )

6 thoughts on “My music system

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  2. Great looking system Owen. I bet it sounds sweet.
    Just a quick question about the table in the middle. Is it oval from above and did it come with 6 small tables that fitted underneath?
    Cheers Owen,

  3. I have to say I’m absolutely flabbergasted by your system! But not exactly by the system per se, but rather for my having realized that you have come to ALL the right conclusions regarding the choices you made for your system. You see, I’m a seasoned audiophile who started my search for a no-holds-barred sound system back in 1979 (a long time ago), and after much listening to countless systems here and there, and many studies and conclusions about electronics and acoustics, I’ve devised a list of principles which must be met in order to attain the best possible sound, and I now see my choices and principles are the same as yours!! Which proves we’re more than right, while many people out there don’t even know where the crucial secrets and bottlenecks lie. Well, what are those principles?
    1)Tubes are waaaay better than transistors – they speak the musical truth;
    2)Paper speaker cones are superior to anything else – they also speak the musical truth;
    3)Horns, used in conjunction with low-power tube amps are audio nirvana (as long as your room has got reasonable size);
    4)MC cartridges, step-up transformers and tubed phono stages – the “créme de la créme”
    5)Non-oversampling DAC’s feeding tubed line stages, with the added magical touch of V/I transformers (and what a secret this is!!), causing digital to sound like analog.
    6)Solid core cabling.
    7)Choice of TANGO transformers.
    8)Tonearm choice.
    So, it is this whole combination of elements that make for greatness. My congratulations! Never have I seen so much wisdom in audio choices, by concentrating so many best solutions within the same system. Real congratulations, for you have managed to see what others don’t. We see people spending fortunes in audio systems and wasting their money, because they don’t know what the bottlenecks are and what really makes a difference. Many people, for example, consider tubes and horns to be creatures from the past, when in fact nothing can surpass them. Keep up the outstanding work. I’m sure your system must be a real jaw-dropping experience for the people who have the opportunity to listen to it, and I can imagine how it sounds – for not so much money spent. Awesome!

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