Music – Lorde ‘Pure Heroine’

It’s only appropriate to pen a few words about this young woman.  I remember being knocked over by Lorde’s debut EP (The Love Club) in 2012.  In New Zealand, we got even more excited about her recently.  But I wasn’t sure I’d connect with the album.  I was wrong…Lorde-Pure-Heroine

This album speaks to the young, through its words, its beats and through the Lorde persona.

It speaks to older folk too, through its word-craft and world view.

It speaks to all, through its languid, tactile rhythms, sweet chord shifts and Ella’s gentle but eloquent delivery.

Royals is a killer single, but the album is so chock full of worthy songs, catchy constructions and inventiveness that it’s a shame that the album itself was not recognised at the Grammys…as Ella had hoped for.

Many of the tracks feel short at three, or so minutes and cry out for a more extended mix.  You can sense the sweat that Ella and Joel Little have poured into crafting these.

The (190gm) vinyl is a nice production – visceral, clear sound and including a large booklet of lyrics which, unlike a lot of popular music, is an insightful read.

( Minor grumble – my copy has a little surface noise here and there, some factory residue maybe, which hopefully will disappear after cleaning. )

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