Hanoi scooter chic

Scooters are everywhere in Hanoi.  On the roadways, on the pavements, even inside shops.IMG_3328b

Scooter girl and flower seller.

Scooter girl and bicycle flower seller.

IMG_3318With economic development, there are rapidly growing numbers of vehicles on the roads  –  95% of motor vehicles in Vietnam are 2-wheeled. IMG_3358To the visitor, traffic in Hanoi looks like chaos.  Most intersections in old Hanoi have no traffic lights.  IMG_3371However, traffic seems to flow miraculously in a Zen-like, harmonious way.IMG_3322 There is seldom angry confrontation or road-rage.  Hanoi scooter riders maintain their cool.  And a style.IMG_3439aScooter girls are especially stylish – old and young.IMG_3526Kids grow up on scooters.  Unfortunately however, road traffic crashes are the number one killer of children aged 5-14 in Vietnam.IMG_3545Since May 2010, the law requires children from 6 years of age, to wear helmets.  Many parents however, still believe that helmets on children increase risk of neck injuries.

IMG_3335Although the introduction of mandatory helmet laws for adults in 2007 has helped, sadly Vietnam still has a very high traffic death toll rate.

(Photos shot with a Canon S90.)

You may enjoy this time-lapse video example of Hanoi traffic: 


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