Lucinda Williams in Auckland, NZ

On 4 Dec, Lucinda visited us again and played the Vector Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand.

She presented a solid set of around 20 songs, largely from her own substantial catalogue – most of which are well-known to her fans.

Commencing up-tempo with Protection from the recent album, Down Where The Spirit Meets the Bone. 

Then followed a string of favourites, including Car Wheels on a Gravel Road and Drunken Angel.


Then into a ‘quieter’ bracket.  Including Compassion, which is dear to her heart, framed around one of her father’s poems.  Lyrically, it’s effectively the ‘title’ track from the Down Where The Spirit Meets the Bone album.

The songs were picked mostly from that recent album, and also from Car Wheels…, Essence and the World Without Tears albums.  Also a couple of older compositions.


Many, many of the goodies were there.  I especially enjoyed the recently released and soulful West Memphis and Something Wicked This Way Comes.  And of course an old favourite, Lake Charles.

Also featured, were 2 tracks from her forthcoming new album, The Ghosts of Highway 20 (Feb 2016 release) – the title-track and Dust.


She sings some numbers without guitar, adding drama, showcasing the voice.  But mostly slinging a Telecaster.  Occasionally back to basics with her big Gibson acoustic.

The touring band is excellent – Butch Norton, drums; David Sutton, bass; Stuart Mathis, guitar.  In particular, those who know Mathis, will know how he can squeeze out fuzzy, swampy grooves, then light up when needed with raucous rock riffs.  (He appears also on the Down Where the Spirit… album.)


Lucinda graciously compliments the audience with a touch of Southern charm and wraps up a 3-song stomping encore with Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World.

One of the concerts that will linger for a while.


(New Zealand’s own venerable Warratahs band opened for Lucinda.)


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