James McMurtry

Birmingham, Alabama, Sept 12 2015.

I was fortunate to catch James McMurtry playing at Workplay Theatre.  A really nice all-purpose, small venue – in a city that seems to be re-vitalising, after the decline of the iron and steel industry in the 1970s.

It was my first visit to the Deep South of USA, last year.

These are just a few shots of that concert:


James McMurtry is a story-teller.  He is Texan, but he tells stories of ordinary people all over the country.

Stories of farmers, shop-keepers, fishermen, individuals, relationships, even the general plight of manufacturing industry in America.  (Appropriate for Birmingham.)  Like a good book, stories (and tunes) that you revisit time and again.


They used to call this Folk-singing.  Nowadays they mostly call this folk-country-rock…. Americana.

McMurtry is just a keen observer of and subtle commentator on his own country.



He delivers on acoustic guitar or winds it up to rock tempos with a variety of electrics.

Not one to adopt the inflated stage persona, rather he conveys with wry wit & a low key touch of pathos.


The touring band was Daren Hess (drums), Ronnie Johnson (bass), Tim Holt (accordian/guitar).

Tim Easton opened with a one-man, energetic, guitar-driven set.

A video selection of James McMurtry:

Tim Easton:


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