Salvation turntable (Pt II) – Magnet Levitation feet

These Magnetic Feet are a recent update for the Trans-Fi Salvation turntable.

The original rubber shock-absorbing feet can be replaced with sets of opposing ring-magnets – ‘Mag-Lev’ (magnet levitation) feet.

To my humble ear, this is a significant advancement and highly recommended.

Forget spikes, cones, ball bearings, metal, carbon fibre, mechanical diodes, magic crystals….

Also a nice match for the Salvation’s magnet levitation platter main bearing.


The ring magnets are supplied fitted to black Delrin upper screw-in blocks and within aluminium lower ‘feet’.


(Note, the rear foot carries more weight and requires double ring magnets, top and bottom)




Install the upper magnet (after unscrewing the old rubber suspension block)


Lowering the turntable & upper magnet assembly down onto the lower magnet foot.

The rear foot requires a little more care and force to bring together the two opposing, stronger double-magnets.


The Salvation turntable weighs over 20kg and the magnet levitation air-gap is only 0.5 to 1.5mm.  However, it will spring down and up freely with downward force.  There seems to be no contact friction or noise, just levitation!


  • Dynamic Range is expanded, especially extending downward – allowing finer resolution of low-level detail, eg. vocal inflections, vibrato, etc. (Maybe what Allen Wright referred to as DDR – Downward Dynamic Range.)
  • Music seems to ‘float’ – is more ‘ambient’, with more ‘air’, more background ‘quietness’.
  • The ‘sound picture’ appears more expansive – more height and scale, an acoustic space populated with more detailed sounds.
  • Tonally, Low Frequencies seem unaffected, but High Frequencies are more ‘resolved’ in finer detail – more HF ‘presence’.  Some areas of upper midrange or HF fatigue or harshness on occasional records, have disappeared completely.
  • Music seems more ‘live’, with more ‘projection’, ‘snap’, impact – clearer ‘leading edges’.

An excellent overall upgrade.  A step closer to real live music!

My feeling is that Mag-Lev suspension could be beneficially used under other hifi equipment – providing excellent isolation & control of resonances.

Update (19 Oct 2016):

On our wooden floor, foot-fall ‘bounce’ problems seem to be much reduced also, with these turntable feet in place.


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