Jimmie Dale Gilmore + Butch Hancock – Auckland, NZ

American country singer and song-writer, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, played in NZ in 2015 but this time (pre-pandemic on 1 March 2020), he brought Butch Hancock, fellow-member of legendary The Flatlanders trio.

As I was unlikely to visit USA again in the near future, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see Butch Hancock, another respected singer and song-writer.

Top class, these guys from West Texas are the real deal.

One of the most enjoyable Americana-country concerts I’ve attended. Outstanding.

Jimmie Dale has been described as a man who “never met a digression that he didn’t like” and his chat between songs is typically philosophical and personable at the same time.

At 75 years, his famed nasally ‘lonesome’ voice might have lost some strength, but his tone and timing remain instinctive.

Butch Hancock does not seek the limelight but is regarded as “one of the finest song-writers of our time”. Many of his compositions have been ‘covered’ by other performers.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock
Jason Bennett, Colin Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Bonnie Whitmore
Colin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Bonnie Whitmore

Other band members – Jason Bennett (guitar), Tim Bennett (drums), Bonnie Whitmore (bass & solo singer/songwriter).

Also – Tammy Lynn Gilmore (Colin’s wife, vocalist).

Footage from this concert – “Another Colorado”

A 2015 video of Gilmore & Hancock performing their own compositions together

2 thoughts on “Jimmie Dale Gilmore + Butch Hancock – Auckland, NZ

  1. I ha e seen them both many times.
    Great guys. Last time I saw them was a tiny theater with great acoustics in LaGrange Texas.
    About 15 min from my house!

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