LONDON DECCA cartridge – Pt 2 with Decapod

Replacing the standard Decca 2-piece plastic mount with a ‘Decapod’ (solid aluminium) mount, is essential in my opinion and I recommend it.

The Decapod ‘mounting block’ is obviously a much more solid connection between the cartridge and the tonearm, than the original Decca design

And, I can advise that the Decapod will transform the sound of your ‘standard’ London Decca or Decca cartridge.

However, sometimes something visually or mechanically more impressive, does not always mean better sound.

The standard London Decca is ‘powerful’ sounding (with solid bass and ‘solid ‘imaging’), energetic and vivid, ‘exhilarating’.

However, the standard Decca cartridge is frequently a bit ‘edgy’ and ‘brittle’ and lacking some HF sparkle.

The London Decca with Decapod mount, is no less dynamically powerful and ‘fast’, with solid imaging – but everything else is much better ‘behaved’ or controlled.

(The Decapod mount is factory-fitted by the London Decca cartridge manufacturer, J Wright Audio Services in England. The top mounting plate and the body top plate are removed.)

(M2.5 steel screw-studs replaced with my preferred brass screws.)

The initial sonic impression is disappointment that some ‘edge-of’seat’ excitement has disappeared.

The London Decca now sounds more like a ‘normal’ cartridge, but the extraordinarily ‘solid’, ‘human’ and ‘real’ vocal imaging and tone is still there and everything still has the ‘power’, energy and ‘presence’ (that I’ve not experienced with other cartridges) – but without the previous feeling of ‘nervousness’.

(Installed on my Terminator linear-tracking tonearm.)

HF tone and extension is also much better – not as ‘beautifully’ extended as a good MC cartridge, but this cartridge sounds like ‘reality’, whereas MC cartridges are capable of portraying a beautiful ‘impression’. Like a photograph compared to say an ‘Impressionist’ painting.

(USB microscope image of the ‘extended line contact’, forward-raking stylus on this London Decca Super Gold cartridge, showing also the unique Decca ‘tie-back cord’.)

(Top view of the underside of this cartridge, showing the horizontal magnet poles, the stylus and the ‘tie-back cord’.)

See also earlier post – LONDON DECCA cartridge – Pt 1

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