LOUNGE Audio LCR Gold phono preamp – Pt 3 New PSU

In 2019, my LOUNGE LCR phono preamp was upgraded to a LCR Gold phono (plus a few extras), by LOUNGE AUDIO (Robert Morin) in California.

Everything now well ‘run-in’ and some initial ‘brightness’ has disappeared (exactly as Robert had advised).

How good is this phono stage? This is not a device that impresses in an ‘artificial’ way. Let me just say that, (sadly) I have no urge to return to my Diego Nardi Phi-42 all-tube phono preamp.

Now, I really wanted to improve the external AC Power Supply to this phono stage.

The LCR phono is supplied stock with an 16Vac wall ‘plug-pack’ (500mA, 8.0VA, as above). and the actual voltage received inside the LCR Gold is 18 – 19Vac under load (switched on).

Robert advises that 18- 20.5Vac is typical, with the standard external plug-pack.

The Lounge LCR has DC rectification & regulation on-board.

(This toroid PTX ‘hummed’ a little.)

I tested two salvaged toroidal power transformers and chose this one that did not ‘hum’.

This Taiwan-made toroidal PTX (above) came from a 12-channel multi-room power amplifier. These PTXs have ‘universal’ 100/120/220/240Vac primaries and a 20-0-20V secondary winding. This PTX would likely be 300-400VA,- 40-50 times the VA capacity of the original 8.0VA plug-pack.

Below is a temporary ‘breadboard’ used for audition. Using half of the centre-tapped ’20V-0-20V’ winding provided 20.6 to 20.9Vac with the Lounge LCR connected.

The mains cabling to the wall socket was changed to a 15A rated ‘appliance cord’ (my usual power cord for my audio devices).


With a toroidal PTX AC supply he LCR Gold seems to plumb down another 1/2-octave in range – more LF extension, ‘weight’ and ‘ambience’.

PSU capacity and impedance-lowering changes always seem to deliver nice results.

With the Webb toroid connected, I hear also more HF ‘presence’, much more ‘agile’ and quick dynamic response (eg. percussion dynamics).

There is more LF ‘fullness., together with more HF ‘sparkle’ – overall more tonal ‘bandwidth.

I expected a better performance, but I was still surprised at the clear improvements.

Although the basic Lounge Audio LCR phono,is very inexpensive, I would recommend the Lounge LCR Gold as an excellent low cost way to enjoy LCR phono EQ.

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