Tractrix midrange horn (Pt II) – drive units

In my Tractrix Midrange Horn, the loudspeaker drive units in use for the last few years are the SEAS FA22RCZ.

This driver is inexpensive but materials & build quality are excellent, as you would expect from SEAS.

I have added a tweeter, a Fostex T90A.  This tweeter is sensitive (106dB/W/m).   Continue reading


Midhorn + Basshorn (Part II)

This is my room plan – 6.1m x 3.6m (20′ x 12′) – showing the ‘compound’ Mid-Basshorn cabinets:

The driver was originally a Lowther PM4.  (Very costly and high maintenance.  Now, I am using the inexpensive Seas FA22RCZ.)

As described previously, a Tractrix front horn produces midrange frequencies above 140-180Hz.  An Exponential rear horn provides the low frequencies. Continue reading

Mauhorn IV

The Mauhorn was designed by Andreas Mau, a German Lowther enthusiast, in around 1995

Actually, Andreas designed 2 similar Mauhorns at that time – the Mauhorn IV (shorter 3.5m long horn, larger driver chamber) and the Mauhorn V (longer 4.5m long horn, smaller driver chamber). Continue reading