LOUNGE AUDIO LCR phono preamp – Pt 2 LCR Gold upgrade

It’s been over 2 years since I purchased a Lounge Audio LCR phono preamp (US$300).

I was keen to investigate LCR phono EQ and possibly incorporate LCR EQ into my own Phi-42 vacuum tube DIY phono stage.

I shipped my Lounge LCR (MkI) back to Lounge Audio (Robert Morin) in California, for upgrading to LCR Gold specification (plus some extras).

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REGA Planar 3 restoration

The iconic Rega Planar 3 turntable has been around since introduction in 1977.  The most recent editions are the P3 or RP3.

Thus, there are 30 to 40 year old Rega Planar turntables now in need of restoration.

This Planar 3 is from early-1980s, fitted with a Linn LV-V tonearm (and an un-branded Japanese moving magnet cartridge).

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As we know, phono EQ is implemented via RIAA equalisation, usually using RC (resistor-capacitor) filter circuits.

However LCR EQ (using inductor-capacitor-resistors) is regarded by some as the better way of implementing this – the Holy Grail of phono EQ.

The advantages are said to be:

  • Lower losses = more gain
  • Lower impedance, especially in the lower frequencies = more ‘power’
  • It sounds better!

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