Consider Connectors

“God is in the detail” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (et al)

Sometimes it’s necessary to re-examine the little things, the forgotten details.  Try to dig out the last 10% improvement.

Consider amplifier and loudspeaker connectors.

We know that music signals are alternating current, AC not DC – swinging positive/negative.  We know also that “current in a conductor resides at the surface at high frequency” (Prof. Malcolm Hawksford, HFNRR Aug 1985):


The upper frequencies in particular, of music signals, tend to flow near the surface of a conductor.  At 20,000Hz ‘skin depth’ is only around 0.5mm.

Typical binding posts:



Typical loudpseaker binding post cross section (below) – metal parts (shaded) and plastic (unshaded). Note how the music signal needs to negotiate numerous bends and threaded surfaces.


Compare the above to the smooth, direct signal path in the Eichmann (or ETI) Cable Pod binding post design (below):


Eichmann Cable Pod notes


The Eichmann (or ETI) RCA Bullet Plug (below) is a similarly excellent design – minimal metal mass conductors, smooth/short signal path, no unnecessary conductive outer metal parts, copper (or silver) centre pin conductor, single-pin contacts.


Eichmann Bullet plug (left), typical audiophile RCA plug (right).



WBT NextGen and Furutech also offer excellent connectors, similar in principle, but generally more costly.

The Furutech FT-903 RCA socket:




Audible sonic benefits?

Eichmann Bullet Plugs:  More of everything.  More natural tone, dynamic agility, detail, soundstage clues, layering.

No sense in compromising a fine amplifer or loudspeaker, by employing cheap or poorly deisgned connector plugs and sockets.


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